I cannot compliment the accounting knowledge and work ethics of Linda Liu's firm enough.  

Trying to operate a small business comes with so much adversities in today's economics that the last thing an operator should have to worry about is being overtaxed for all of the hard work that already comes with making that type of career choice or, perhaps even worse, being unknowledgeable of tax credits that one is entitled to.  Miss Linda and her firm alleviate all of that stress and relate to a client on a personal level.  Whether it's corporate payroll tax or my annual personal taxes there is no other choice for me.  My only regret is not knowing her firm much earlier when my business was faltering.  

It does not matter the size of your business or the size of your W-2, Linda Liu's firm will optimize your financial gains just as efficiently as any of the major firms downtown but with a personal touch and without taking all of your gains as their costs in the process.

Hariwa N.

I walked in here expecting the usual sterile atmosphere of a CPA's office but was pleasantly surprised by how warm and accommodating Linda was. She was very thorough with our appointment and on my way out I felt quite confident she would do everything in her power to get me the best return. The visit felt like I was catching up with an old friend. I totally recommend her to anyone and everyone.

Yassine F.

So I have never once filed taxes, even though I thought I was supposed to in college - my mother was still filing me as a dependent to get deductions of some sort. Fast forward to early 2015 and a year's work on salary at a fortune 10 company, including signing bonus and relocation provided to me by this new position. Additionally, I also had a history of long term capital gains held through college which I didn't 'sell off' until 2014, and also during 2014 quite a bit of short term cap. gains. There's more... I did freelance software/web dev as a sole proprietor DBA "WRL Development & IT Consulting" (and still am), so that had to be considered. On top of that, I had bought an electric vehicle (2014 Chevy Volt) and qualified for the $7500 EV tax 'credit'... and finally, student loans and most likely some other documents I forgot to mention. 

I was utterly lost. Co-workers were of no help as they all just had simple turbo tax style documentation... Turbo Tax, even though I'm great with software, I don't believe would have ever got me what Linda got me for my (very) large return. Not only that, when the IRS put my account on hold and said there were errors and that I needed an amended return... she was there helping me along the way, she would even 3 a call with my 'Tax Advocate Account Specialist' handling my account. And she put in many extra free hours helping me out (however the Tax Advocate said I needed to file a amended return, which cost more, but that is not Linda's fault... in fact, that Tax Advocate analyzing my plethora of documents got it wrong and caused me to do the amended returned for no reason, even Linda said she was wrong but she (TPA from IRS) insisted there was mistakes). So basically the under-funded IRS which took over 6 months to process my refund finally arrived, with, guess what - the ORIGINAL refund. I called and left 2-3 voicemails and emailed probably 3 times to my TPA (note: before she would get back to me within a day or so... still haven't heard a word). I will never listen to a TPA from the IRS again, and Linda has locked down all my future business and referrals - that's for sure. 

During my procurement of finding a CPA, I wanted to make sure the company understood the federal EV tax credit, among my other amount of documents. I had specifically wanted to get a local business CPA to file with, and originally called and sat down with a few other CPA's before Linda and they just treated me like I assume a big box firm treats their "non-essential" clients (H&R, etc). 

Overall, thanks mostly to Linda and that nice EV credit, my tax responsibility was $0 and got a refund too large to be direct deposited. 

Highly recommended, wouldn't go anywhere else. Not only did she file it for me - she also explained a lot of it in detail so I learned a lot as well! 

I will be back! 

PS: disregard grammatical errors, I did not proof read this very much and I'm far from an English major.

Ridge L.